What is CI-CMS

CI-CMS is a Codeigniter Content Managment System. This is a combination of my primary concept of how to create a CMS and the ease from Codeigniter. I already created a personal CMS called Solaitra, that I use in many sites now (around 50), and I just want to transport that in CI framework.
Solaitra is a very easy modular CMS, it has many modules such as pages, news, forum, gallery, downloads, quotes, guestbook etc. I just need to port those modules to work in CI and the result will be CI-CMS.

lunedì 8 marzo 2010

Beta working well

We've been using now for a month and it seems to go well as expected. Some new features are added especially the group management. In fact, groups are always there but there were no way to manage them. Now you can add, edit, delete groups, and add members to them, right from the Dashboard.

Download : http://code.google.com/p/ci-cms/downloads/list

To install or upgrade just run http://yoursite/install

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