What is CI-CMS

CI-CMS is a Codeigniter Content Managment System. This is a combination of my primary concept of how to create a CMS and the ease from Codeigniter. I already created a personal CMS called Solaitra, that I use in many sites now (around 50), and I just want to transport that in CI framework.
Solaitra is a very easy modular CMS, it has many modules such as pages, news, forum, gallery, downloads, quotes, guestbook etc. I just need to port those modules to work in CI and the result will be CI-CMS.

venerdì 20 giugno 2008

Latest working example in SVN r52

The latest working example is now revision 52

Please download only what is marked here in the blog as working example.

mercoledì 18 giugno 2008

Working example is out

A working example is just out but still in the subversion repository.
If you want to test it, then you have to check out the svn from

Cannot make a fully downloadable since it is not yet finished

martedì 10 giugno 2008

Pre-release as a priority

I think, the priority now is to release something that can be downloaded... even if it is just a prerelease. To make an installable CI-CMS so that at least people can start using it.

martedì 3 giugno 2008

Gettext problem

Gettext doesn't load when I put the locale files in each modules and load them at once in the Locale library. Even if I set the domains nothing shows up. So I had to put a unique locale file in app/locale for each language.

That is on rev. 25

lunedì 2 giugno 2008

Settings table structure has been changed

The table 'settings' has been now changed to accept other values from other modules.

This is now the structure:

CREATE TABLE `ci_settings` (
`id` tinyint(4) NOT NULL auto_increment,
`name` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
`value` text NOT NULL,
KEY `name` (`name`)

-- Dump dei dati per la tabella `ci_settings`

INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (1, 'site_name', 'Codeigniter CMS');
INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (2, 'meta_keywords', 'CMS, CodeIgniter');
INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (3, 'meta_description', 'Yet another CMS with Codeigniter');
INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (4, 'cache', '0');
INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (5, 'cache_time', '300');
INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (6, 'theme', 'default');
INSERT INTO `ci_settings` VALUES (7, 'template', 'index');

Appart from that, another method was added in the System class which gets info from settings. The method adds or updates values into the settings table.

system->set($name, $value);

domenica 1 giugno 2008

Working demo

I've just fixed some issues which came out when I removed Prototype and put JQuery. Now it is ok. So I should not have anything to do with Prototype/Scriptaculous anymore. JQuery is the main javascript framework that will be there.
Modules also work as expected. I'm still thinking about how to deal with language URI. I think I will just create another language module which will get the routing when language is detected and use redirect after getting some information. The language module also will deal on managing languages, adding the language buttons (as partials) etc.
Talking about partials, they do work. Only that now in an area (eg. area.1) there can be more than 1 content. Partials can even come from different modules.
For the demo (of what it does, I will maybe give access to admin later) you can check here